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 Character Voices 

When you're working in video games or animation, how your character sounds is one of the most important factors for how an audience builds a relationship with them. Jack can bring your characters off the page and onto the screen from funny to dramatic and everything in between through his experience as a video game voice actor.
Jack specialises in dynamic, versatile and realistic characters in a variety of accents and styles, so whatever the game you're working on, he's got it covered.
Check out his demos below where you'll hear Roman Slaves, Jet Fighter Pilots, Wisecracking Adventurers, Bloodthirsty Goblins, Dimwitted fools and much, much more from the world of video game voices!

Jack Ayres Video Game Reel 2023Jack Ayres
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The Forgotten City

In Modern Storyteller's critically acclaimed Roman mystery game The Forgotten City, players are tasked with repeating one day on loop in order to figure out who will break 'The Golden Rule' by committing a sin and dooming everyone to death.
Ulpius is a Jewish-Roman debt bondsman (the next closest thing to a slave) who has been pushed to the edge - will his desperation push him to break the Golden Rule?

Screenshot 2022-01-21 at 12.07.17.png
Screenshot 2022-03-30 at 12.41.32.png
Screenshot 2022-03-30 at 12.41.32.png

Gaius Julius Caesar
Expeditions Rome

Continuing with the Roman theme, Jack also lent his voice to a young version of the legendary Caesar in Expeditions: Rome - a strategy game that sees the players navigate their way through the turbulent world of conquest and politics.
Meet the famous man while he's still a green and inexperienced soldier, out to make a name for himself.

Sheriff of Nottingham's Forces
Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Jack also makes up a lot of the voices for the Guards you'll face whilst stealing from the rich in Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

Whether it's getting stabbed, evading a smoke-bomb, being hit by an arrow or searching the undergrowth for intruders, you'll hear it from Jack in this one. 


Romans, Gauls, Pirates &More.
Asterix & Obelisk-Slap them all

Screaming, wincing, grunting and barking all the way across Europe, Jack plays hundreds of weird and wonderful enemies that you'll smash, bash and wallop your way through as Asterix & Obelix on their journey as heroes of the Gauls.


Jack played both the player character as well as the smarmy womanising secret agent Dick Johnson in CoVRt Operation, a fantastic virtual reality game which saw the player take the role of a generic Henchman working for an evil villain.

The game went on to be nominated for a Student BAFTA through the National Film and Television School.

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