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 A Little More About Me

I was born in Cardiff, South Wales back in the mid nineties when VHS was a thing and Donald Trump was just the rich guy with a cameo in Home Alone 2 (both equally weird to look back on).
I spent all of my youth in South Wales, which means that my teenage years contained a lot of rugby and rain, often at the same time, and watching Wales play is still close to my heart.
It was later on in my late teens when I became interested in acting by stumbling onto my school shows, and as soon as I had started I was hooked. I went from musical to musical, and then from play to play in amateur theatre before deciding that I was going to scrap my original plan of being a Dentist (it's true!) and go to drama school.
I took a year out after Sixth Form and got involved in as much as I could in that time and was fortunate enough to fall in with National Theatre Wales and their incredible site specific production of Mametz. Getting to work on a play of this ambition and scale taught me a lot of valuable lessons before I had even embarked on my training. 
It was around this time that I heard that I'd been accepted to East 15 Acting School, a drama school in East London that sprung from the ideals of the late, great Joan Littlewood and was elated.
I spent the next three years studying in East 15's Loughton campus and watching as much theatre in London as I could fit between the packed training schedule.
Whilst I was there, I was fortunate enough to be selected to represent the school in the Sam Wanamaker Festival; a festival of Shakespeare scenes performed at Shakespeare's Globe which I will never forget, and the Carleton Hobbs Competition; a radio competition run by the BBC.
After graduating, I spent the next couple of years in London working in a variety of shows, details of which can be found in my Spotlight CV on the Acting page.
I found myself gravitating towards comedy and accents/impressions, and often found myself in shows where I was required to play many different characters, and this was really liberating and exciting to me, and part of the reason why I love voice over. The idea of being able to play with such a wide range of characters freely was breathtaking.
Now, after having worked in voice over for the past couple of years, I'm ready for whatever VO challenge you can throw at me!

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