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 A Little More About Me

Croeso!* Hey there! You made it!
Let's grab a cuppa and get to know each other a little.

I'm Jack, and I'm originally from Cardiff, South Wales - an upbringing which imbued me with a love for Rugby, a healthy patriotic spirit and an appreciation for the art of good storytelling.

Growing up, my interests were firmly rooted in the creative. I adored going to the theatre, and was constantly writing stories, making up characters and imitating voices. I was an avid video game player, something which has followed me into adulthood and when I wasn't playing games I was tormenting our wonderful Springer Spaniel and best friend Chip.

After a brief spell of thinking I was going to be a Dentist (don't ask), I found myself studying Acting at East 15 Acting School, and made the move to London in 2014. There I learned a lot about myself as well as honed my skills, and was fortunate enough to represent the school at the Carleton Hobbs BBC Radio Competition, Sam Wanamaker Shakespeare Festival and graduate with a 1:1.

Let loose on the industry in 2017, I worked primarily in theatre across a diverse range of projects including musicals, sketch comedy, opera, improv, Shakespeare and more with companies and theatres such as National Theatre Wales, Dirty Protest, The Pleasance, Welsh National Opera, Underbelly Southbank, The Tabard and Shakespeare's Globe. I also worked in TV & Film, before turning my efforts squarely onto the world of Voice.

The discovery of voiceover was a revelation to me. Through my voice acting I was able to play characters that were beyond my grasp in other mediums, and it played to all of my natural skillsets. I pursued my goals of becoming a working voice actor doggedly from 2020, with a particular focus on character work, and I'm now fortunate in that I have a back catalogue I can look back upon proudly. 

However, you could say I'm greedy when it comes to work. I'm always looking forward to the next opportunity and I take great pride in creating believable characters and bringing worlds to life.

So here I am!
Working away from my magical box of tricks (otherwise known as a vocal booth), and loving every second of it. It's a rare thing to be able to marry your passion and your day job, but I can say with certainty that I'm doing that, and I don't intend to stop anytime soon.

Hwyl fawr* and bye for now!

 *That one's Welsh 

for goodbye!

*That's Welsh for welcome!

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